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Region with code: 7 List of places and Postal Codes

Region with code: 7, Kenya

This is simply a region in kenya where all postal codes start with the digit "7".

View places list below to see examples


No. of Places: 16 places

Places Zip/Postal Codes (16)

PlaceStandard format Postal CodePostal Code
Bura Tana7 010470104
Dadaab7 010370103
El Wak7 030170301
Elwak7 030170301
Garissa7 010070100
Griftu7 020270202
Habaswein7 020170201
Hola7 010170101
Lafey7 030470304
Mandera7 030070300
Masalani7 010570105
Modo Gashe7 010270102
Muddo Gashe7 010270102
Rhamu7 0302 70302
Takaba7 030370303
Wajir7 0200 70200


Kenya Postal Codes are a 5-digit number. Example is:

2 0 1 0 0

The first digit is the postal region code,the next two digits represent the regional distribution centre code, while the last two digits are for the delivery office.

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