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Kwathema List of suburbs and Postal Codes

Generated Address:

Kwathema, Gauteng, South Africa


State: Gauteng
No. of Suburbs: 13 suburbs

Suburbs Zip/Postal Codes (13)

SuburbZip CodePostal Code
Kwathema Ext1576N/A
Kwathema Ext 1N/A1575
Kwathema Ext 2N/A1575
Kwathema Ext 3N/A1575
Kwathema Ext 4N/A1575
Kwathema Ext 8N/A1575
Kwathema UIT1576N/A
Kwathema UIT 1N/A1575
Kwathema UIT 2N/A1575
Kwathema UIT 3N/A1575
Kwathema UIT 4N/A1575
Kwathema UIT 8N/A1575

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