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Area: Ajegunle Boundry Streets Zip Codes

Generated Address:

Area: Ajegunle Boundry, Lagos, Lagos State. Associated Zip Code: 102211

District Data:

District Name: Area: Ajegunle Boundry
Local Government Area: Lagos
State: Lagos State
Associated Zip Code: 102211

Streets: (70)

Street nameZip Code
Abolaji St St.102211
Agugu St St.102211
Ajenifuja St St.102211
Ajose St St.102211
Akali Lane St.102211
Akatapo Lane St.102211
Akintoye St St.102211
Alafila St St.102211
Alayabiagba St St.102211
Amechi Crescent St.102211
Anthony Ajiboye St St.102211
Aroworade st St.102211
Arumoh St St.102211
Aruzuka St St.102211
Awere St St.102211
Ayinde St St.102211
Bale Alayabiagba Street St.102211
Bale Ayetoro St St.102211
Bale Lane St.102211
Bambrafia St St.102211
Barra St St.102211
Bolaji St St.102211
Cementry St St.102211
Eradiri St St.102211
Etugbo St St.102211
Eze Lane St.102211
Eze St St.102211
Garuba Lane St.102211
Ijaye St St.102211
Iwu Lane St.102211
Iyalode St St.102211
Jibowu St St.102211
Kehinde St. St.102211
Kojo Lane St.102211
Layinka St St.102211
Maybin Lane St.102211
Mobil Road St.102211
Moshalashi Lane St.102211
Navy Ally St.102211
Navy Barracks Street St.102211
Obi Lane St.102211
Odofin Street St.102211
Oduduwa St St.102211
Odufuwa/ Ayanwo St St.102211
Ogbewankwo Lane St.102211
Ogungbe st St.102211
Ojo Lane St.102211
Ojora St St.102211
Okorogbo Street St.102211
Okoya St St.102211
Okunlola Street St.102211
Olowojehunjeje St.102211
Olubode St St.102211
Onowu Street St.102211
Opaleye Close St.102211
Opaleye Lose St.102211
Overe Lane St.102211
Rafai Street St.102211
Raliatu St St.102211
Salami Close St.102211
Sanusi St St.102211
Sidi Lane St.102211
Sidi Street St.102211
Tesi Street St.102211
Tieda Street St.102211
Tunkarimo St St.102211
Tunkarimu Street St.102211
Uweriro Street St.102211
Yisa Abiodun Street St.102211
Young Lane St.102211

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